SC-2055A "Super scan Converter"



■ 제품특징

    • The SC-2055A super scan converter is compatible with many kinds of visual standards.
      including HD/D1-SDI,NTSC/PAL,DVI and analog RGB.
      ASTRODESIGN incorporated its original astrosnap and TERA high-quality imaging technologies
      to offer converted images of dramatically high quality.
      System design consisting of program production to projectors and other large systems tends to be complex,
      but the SC-2055A, compatible with numerous interfaces with high quality.
      makes it simple and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

    • Slot-in architecture of 2 channels for input and output respectively.
       Each of these modules :
       HD-SDI,D1-SDI,DVI,analog RGB,Dual Link,and NTSC/PAL(input only) can be  configured according to use.

    • High-quality scan conversion at the highest level of the industry.
       ASTRODESIGN' s original high-quality imaging technologies
       (astrosnap high-definition contour correction technology and TERA
       high-definition scaning conversion technology) are integrated.

    • 10-bit processing realized for internal processing
       Conplete control over multi-format conversion
       1)HDTV(720p) ⇔ HDTV(1080i)
       2)HDTV(1080i50) ⇔ HDTV(1080i59.94)
       3)SDTV ⇔ HDTV
       Compatible with numerous other conversion